Thursday, September 2, 2010

Graphical Developments

The game's intended to be both graphical and ascii. For those who enjoy graphics in their roguelikes, we have a large team dedicated to spriting. On one of the Piratepads, there's a list of items with associated descriptions, all of which will eventually have a unique sprite. I'm averse to simple recoloring of weapons, especially swords and guns, so hopefully when the weapons are all finished, they'll all be utterly original art. For some reason we have a lot of swords and guns.

Above are a few of the sprites, set her as an example. All of them have been uploaded to the SVN on the Sourceforge website, found here:

From left to right is...the chainsaw, brass knuckles, broken bottle, fire axe, kitchen knife, rapier, and a syringe. Yes, the game will have a focus on drugs. To what extent, we're not entirely sure, but the text-writing team is interested in having the drugs be detailed, without being excessive. Drug-dealing, using drugs, and all different kinds of stimulants and depressants will eventually be added in as well.

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