Monday, September 6, 2010

Forum activity!

Get to the Forums now.

They are of masterwork quality. Lots of discussion is going on in the Forums, and so far, topics that haven't been addressed adequately include stealth, hideouts, drugs, vehicles, and the HUD. If you're the kind of person that formulates ideas and would love to lend a hand to brainstorming, go register and post your ideas. You don't need to know how to code, or how to draw; all you need is to know how to plant your idea. Go for it.

In other news, a great deal of weapons spriting has been completed. From left to right is the CZ550, the FAMAS, the SPAS12, an uzi, a hammer, a katana (ha!), and an epee. Other spriters are also hard at work with tiles. Deon's given some amazing furniture tiles, and Soadreqm made some furniture and cracked windows. Lap's also doing coding work for bodies and rotting, while others are thinking up ideas, making factions, or designing locations. Everyone is awesome.

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